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Guy T. Gunter, B.S., M.S., D.C.


Curriculum Vitae

Guy T. Gunter III was born in Atlanta in 1952.  He has lived in Atlanta his entire life except for attending college and his first six years of professional practice where he was the Chiropractor of Hickory Flat, GA.

Dr. Gunter was educated in the Life Sciences at Florida State University, University of Georgia and Purdue University.  He received his Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from University of Georgia (1973) and a Master of Science in Bacterial Genetics from Purdue (1975).  After a period of working for Emory University as a Research Technician, Guy Gunter became an Associate Professor of Clinical Science at Life Chiropractic College and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1985.

Dr. Gunter entered private practice in 1986 in Hickory Flat, GA. For the next six years, he treated all manner of ills and injuries that can only occur in a rural environment.  The variety of treatments and diagnoses needed prompted Dr. G to develop the unique treatment protocols that became Gunter Chiropractic Services.

In Hickory Flat, everyone came by Dr. Gunter’s office to see if he could fix their problem rather than “going to town” and the hospital where they would have to spend “REAL” money.  During this period, Dr. G saw people with farming machinery injuries, sports injuries, muscle and joint damage from some of the most outlandish activities you can imagine.  There was the child who rode his bike into a tree where the impact changed the shape of his head, amazing varieties of muscle strains and even a man who was gored by his bull (could not help that one, drove him to the hospital).  This proved to be the best education that Dr. Gunter ever had.  It was the varied necessities of this rural population that presented the challenges that led to Dr. Gunter’s unique approach.

Dr. Gunter returned to metro Atlanta in 1990. In treating an urban population new needs became apparent.  Stress was a bigger issue than injury and nutrition became an essential component of successful treatment.  The ten years of dealing with the needs of the urban Atlantan gave Dr. Gunter the data and vision that produced the Healing Experience. 

In Hickory Flat the primary concern was low cost and dealing with insurance companies, but in Atlanta the main focus was how rapidly they could recover.  It was this shift of focus that led to the creation of the Healing Experience.  In Atlanta, time was money and no one had the time to be partially functional for weeks on end.  Using the Healing Experience protocol, most patients could be pain free in one to two visits and virtually recovered in five visits or less.

It was this speed of recovery that made Dr. Gunter’s practice unique among Chiropractors and other alternative health care practices.

Over the ensuing years, Dr. Gunter has refined the Healing Experience into an Alternative Health Care Family practice.  We accept all types of illness and dysfunction from the common cold and allergies to acute back pain and injuries.  We do not treat these conditions, we offer the very best in alternative methods (Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition) to support the body in healing itself.  For, after all, there is no form of medicine that actually heals you, your body heals itself (should it receive the support it requires).

After all the years of being a researcher and science professor, Dr. Guy Gunter has found great satisfaction in becoming a source for healing support. 

2013 has seen the final iteration of Dr. Gunter’s alternative health care protocols:  Healworks

It represents the culmination of 28 years of active practice informed by a life time of scientific observation.  This site is filled with current information about Healworks.   As you read and think about it, see if it makes sense to you.  IF you see the great potential available in this regimen, then perhaps you should give us a call and make an appointment.  It was developed to help you meet your health needs.