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I see a new form of General Practice where many disciplines of health care are available in one practitioner. Rather than a multitude of Specialists, I envision each Doctor as having a thorough grasp of the human body's function. Not just physiology but a full appreciation of the BODY/MIND nature of Human health accompanied by many varied therapeutic techniques to call upon. The Doctor of the future will appreciate the many factors that comprise health and the Healing Plan will reflect and address all of these constituents.

I foresee a time when Alternative Medicine is a normal, everyday approach to Health Care. When a visit to a Doctor involves someone listening to the patient with full attention and compassion. When treating the patient includes aligning the body structurally, supporting the healing process nutritionally and herbally. A time when the Doctor uses homeopathics and acupuncture to direct and guide the healing response while addressing those emotional stresses that initiate or complicate illness. 

This Physician would attempt to know his/her patients and treat each of them with the awareness of who they are rather than as a symptom-list of what they have wrong with them. This Doctor/Patient relationship would not treat illness with a wait and see attitude but would respond to the dysfunction directly and thoroughly. The patient would be mutually involved in reconciling the dysfunction and restoring health. The only time limitation would be the speed of the healing response itself.