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Better Nutrition

Nutrition has become a buzzword recently.  Everyone has their favorites and nutritional decisions are made by your reading and hoping what you bought helps. We use proven analytical methods of identifying the nutrition you need and how much to take.

The need for nutritional supplements is no longer a fringe concern.  Even the American Medical Association have suggested that additional vitamins and minerals are needed to cope with the stress and lack of nutritional value in our food.  This leaves the GREAT UNANSWERED QUESTION, however, of where should you get your vitamins?  Should you shop for bargains?  Can you rely on slick advertising and the Internet?  Should you TRUST someone you have never met to sell you what you need without any analysis or evaluation?

Nutrition was an integral part of Dr. Gunter’s practice for over thirty years and it is of even greater relevance in Healworks today.  During this time, we have seen a variety of vitamin companies come and go.  Especially GO.  Many perfectly effective and reputable companies have been purchased by BIG CORPORATIONS and now sell inferior products due to the “bottom line” policies of their corporate owners.

However, there are still some independent nutritional companies that maintain their quality by selling only to licensed healthcare practitioners. This has proven to be the best way to offer high quality nutrition without increasing the company’s liability.  Over the counter vitamins must be weaker than professional formulations because the consumer is choosing and dosing themselves.  The company is liable for over dosing the consumer.  But companies that sell to licensed health care practitioners have an advantage in that the Doctor determines the product and the dosage.  With the doctor evaluating the patient’s reaction and progress, the company can afford to produce a more concentrated product at a better price.  Since 1985 we have enjoyed the most satisfying results using the products from Standard Process, Nutri-West and Nutritional Formulas. 

The most venerable of these (and, indeed, the one who has been in the business the longest) is STANDARD PROCESS  (www.standardprocess.com).  Standard Process began with the research of Dr. Royal Lee in the twenties.  He was researching the effects of vitamins before the biochemical structure of vitamins was known.  There is no company with the history and credentials to compare with Standard Process.  They even have 10000 acres of their own organic farms to produce the vegetables they use for their products. Their quality cannot be beat.

SP is dedicated to the “Whole Food” concept in nutrition.  For example, in nature the substance that we call Vitamin C is not simply ascorbic acid.  Ascorbic acid is the core molecule but it is associated with eight or nine (depending on the plant) substances that facilitate the function Vitamin C is known for.  The reason you need to take 1000mg of ascorbic acid in order to benefit from vitamin C, is that it takes that much pure ascorbate to have an effect.  But if you take the vitamin C directly from the plant, such as the SP product “Cataplex C” you get better results with a lower dosage. The original paper on vitamin C was by Szent-Gyorgi, he observed that he could cure Scurvy (the disease that arises from Vitamin C deficiency) with just a teaspoon of Lemon juice, but it took several grams of Ascorbic acid for the same result.  Therefore, he suggested,  there was greater effect in the plant-derived complex, that is lost in the purification.

At Healworks we do not routinely stock the entire Standard Process line of products.  There are just too many.  But we can order anything for you that is not in stock and receive it, on average, in three days.  So if you are looking for Standard Process products give us a call or email us.

NOTE:  For Vegans and vegetarians-Many Standard Process products contain animal tissue.  Many of the proprietary processes that create the powerful efficacy of the Standard Process line are more like cooking than organic chemistry.  One can think of many of the products as being created from a complex “Beef Stew”.  Please go to the website and check on the ingredients of the products you are interested in. By the by, all animal contents are organic and FDA-certified.  And I have been told that a very famous and powerful Indian Guru has permitted his devotees to take these products even though they contain beef, because “they are medicinal and their vibration is not Karma-producing”. So if a Hindu Guru is cool with it they must be okay.

NUTRI-WEST has been around since the seventies (www.nutriwest.com)  They have maintained a state of the art facility in Wyoming all this time and their quality standards have been taken as a model by the FDA to evaluate other nutritional facilities.  Nutri-West occupies the niche between “whole food supplements” and nutriceuticals.  While many of their ingredients are derived from or contain whole foods (they too use organic animal tissues), they also use precisely crafted vitamins in chemical forms that are easily assimilated and very effective. 

Nutri-West also has many of the top field doctors in the country, formulating cutting edge products for them.  This has given Nutri-West a real advantage in creating products that are not available anywhere else and have no equal. I have had very good results with their “glandular formulas” and their Multivitamin-multiminerals beat the most expensive competition hands down…  They have always excelled in quality of ingredients and, comparing their cost with what else is out there, they are very reasonably priced. Nutri-West also offers herbals and homeopathic remedies that are of outstanding quality. 

[They have a homeopathic remedy called “Surgery/Trauma” that is virtually magical in its ability to resolve the shock that follows surgery or heavy trauma and injury. Everyone should have it in their medicine cabinet, especially if they have kids.]

NUTRITIONAL FORMULAS was created by Timothy Zahn, as I understand it, in the eighties.  I have been testing their Pre-Natal Formula and Spectrum 2C vitamins for 22 years.  The company was purchased by Integrative Therapeutics ten years ago along with several other small firms.  While NF is now owned by IT the quality of their Prenatal Formula remains constant.  I have many women who continue to take PreNatals after the birth and find recovery is faster and pregnancy weight-loss easier by using them.  Compared to the Pre-Natals your OB gives you, Pre-Natal Formula is supreme.  I was turned on to NF Pre-Natal formula by the Georgia Midwifery Association in the late eighties.  They were delighted with the results they had with these formulas and I have found them effective to this very day.

Integrative Therapeutics offers many nutriceutical product lines and I do not recommend them all.  However, they make a GUGGUL PLUS that is incredible.  Guggul is an Indian herb that lowers cholesterol.  The Guggul Plus formulation from IT is very effective and has even lowered the cholesterol of an overweight, gravy-eating redneck patient of mine.  If it lowered his cholesterol with no change in lifestyle, it must be effective.

There are other reputable nutrition companies that focus rather more on the “nutriceutical approach”.  Nutriceutical is the use of nutritional and herbal extracts and chemicals to have a positive change in body dynamics.  They are similar to pharmaceuticals in that they are a chemical formula that produces a change in the way the body chemistry is working.  Unlike Pharmaceuticals, nutriceuticals are made of vitamins and herbal extracts that are less dangerous to the body while still producing a positive change.  There is no possibility of addiction to a nutriceutical.

In this practice we use products from Biotics, Apex Energetics and Metagenics when they are needed.  It is not the focus of Healworks to treat patients with specific nutriceuticals.  At Healworks, we prefer to restore the body to proper function with whole food supplements or as close as we can get to them.  The less modified and purified a nutrient is, the more likely the body will know what to do with it and use it to heal. But there are times when a more targeted response is needed and the above companies make a variety of nutriceutical products that are safe and very effective indeed.


We encourage you to check out the websites above and evaluate whether they have a better handle on your nutrition than the hippie in the health food store.  If you have any questions, please email us or give us a call.