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The 5 Visit Chiropractic Cure

At Healworks, our multi-discipline approach eliminates pain and restores full healthy function usually within 5 office visits or less. This is not a claim, but an observation.  Our statistics to date indicate that 95% of the people we have treated for lower back pain or neck pain describe themselves as being totally recovered in 5 office visits or less.  This happy result is due to the combination of Chiropractic care wedded to targeted nutritional supplementation and supported by muscle and fascial therapies. 

Traditional Chiropractic therapy has been based on the repeated adjustment.  In the over one hundred years that Chiropractic has been used to treat people this technique has proved its worth.  Interestingly, before World War II, Chiropractors were adjusting people two to four times a year and obtaining remarkable results.  Presently, most Chiropractors are routinely adjusting patients weekly or even more frequently to arrive at a reduction of symptoms.  This frequency of treatment is necessary if Chiropractic is the only modality used.

This unique approach is possible through the application of the Scientific Method that Dr. Gunter learned in the Microbiological laboratories of FSU, UGA and Purdue.  By focusing on constructing a thorough hypothesis on the first visit of the patient and treating all dysfunctional levels each visit.  A very rapid and complete recovery is attained.

The levels observed in this approach are:

Biochemical:  Including nutritional, stress effects, toxicity and hormonal function

Stuctural:  The proper alignment and function of the spine, joints, muscles and connective tissues

Neurological:  The synergistic function of the nerves, the brain and the Central Nervous System

Visceral  function:  Organ function without weakness or imbalance

Body Fluid function:  Unimpaired lymph flow, balanced movement of the Cerebro-Spinal Fluid dynamics

Electro-magnetic function:  Acupuncture meridians, emotional and mental stress effects

By addressing the problem as it manifests in any or all of these levels, a very rapid corrective result can be experienced.

It is another aspect of the uniqueness of this practice and, you may have noticed, is responsible for our name.

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