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Nutritional Evaluation

Nutritional supplements have become a buzz word in recent years.  Most of us know that in order to succeed in our increasingly stressful world, nutritional supplements are essential.  But how can you know what your body needs and what is a quality supplement?  At Healworks, we offer our own nutritional evaluation.

For thirty years, Dr. Guy T. Gunter has utilized nutritional supplements in his practice.  It is the integration of effective nutrition with the other modalities at Healworks that have produced the rapid healing and restoration of function that characterizes Healworks.  While one can restore the integrity of the spinal vertebrae, they will only hold that integrity if they are strong enough and one way to establish that strength is through nutrition.  

Our Nutritional Evaluation program is based on muscle testing using the methods of Applied Kinesiology.  What is unique about our testing, however, is that it is based on a Double-Blind Format.    This reduces operator error and yields a greater confidence in the nutritional outcome.

There are other methods of Nutritional evaluation and they all have their own problems.  Presently, nutritional blood or saliva testing is considered state of the art.  By chemically testing body fluid samples, it is assumed that one can infer the nutritional needs.  For example, Vitamin D3 testing is common in Medical offices now.  Should you get a low number, they sell you concentrated synthetic Vitamin D3 to restore your numbers to normal.  Frequently, they do not return to “normal”, so you are told to take more D3.  And the chase continues.  There are many reasons why your blood levels of D3 could be lower than normal.  One of the most common is You Used It All Up!  Circulating levels of D3 may not represent your vitamin competency but, rather, your vitamin reserves which are meant to be refilled every day.  There is also the common difficulty with absorption of the vitamins you are taking.  Should you have stomach or small intestinal issues, you will poorly absorb vitamins.  And, of course, there is the synthetic quality of the vitamin.  Vitamins that are constructed from chemicals do not resemble vitamins that are created by living organisms.  These synthetic molecules will be excreted at a rapid rate because the body does not recognize them as vitamins.

There are also machines that test your reaction to vitamins by evaluating your acupuncture meridians.  They have software programs that derive their answer from the manufacturer’s data base.

The Healworks method is safe, reliable and reproducible.  You may remember that the indication of a real result in Science is its Reproducibility.  The weakness in other muscle testing methods is the interference of the practitioner’s bias. If you think such a product should strengthen a patient, then you will always get the result you expect!   That is the reason for the Double-Blind Testing.  IF both Doctor and patient are unaware of the substance being tested, then it is the body’s response that is observed not the prejudice of the people involved.


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