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Family Practice

You may remember a time, if you are old enough, when you went to see one physician for most of your problems, “the Family Doctor”.  If this Doctor could not correct your problem then they would refer you to a specialist.

Well, now everyone is a specialist.  Even the physician who promotes “Family Practice” will have specialized in Family Practice and not the general “Primary Care “ that denotes what we used to call our Family Doctor.

There are very few trained physicians who treat you and your family for everything that comes up.  This leaves the Alternative Healthcare field as your last resort. By utilizing Chiropractic treatment to correct pain and joint problems while supporting the adjustment with herbal and nutritional supplements, many common ailments may be ameliorated or completely healed.

At Healworks, we have a tradition of tending to the needs of all members of your family from birth to maturity.  Many common childhood problems from ear infections to tummy aches may benefit from gentle chiropractic treatment and nutritional support.  One does not have to be rabidly anti-medical to avail oneself and family of the benefits of Non-Pharmaceutical Care.

There used to be a TV commercial that referred to “Dr. Mom”.  This was not hyperbole.  It is often the woman/mother in the family that first recognizes and treats every illness.  From tending to the colicky baby to spooning the cough medicine into the whining adult partner, most of the truly early healthcare is administered by the Mom or Dad.  While modern medicine may denigrate your “unlicensed attempts to practice medicine’, the patients are YOUR FAMILY and why should You not be the first to look for a treatment?

 Many parents constantly find books that suggest a variety of simple traditional treatments for common, minimal crisis health difficulties.  Some of them work, some are less effective.  But at Healworks, we have over thirty years of using non-medical therapies and we can suggest ones that have a proven record.

We absolutely support you trying to treat your own family and we offer a non-medical monitoring of the effectiveness of the therapy you are using. At the same time, we can supplement your treatment with professional advice and therapeutic treatment.

We are fully capable of recognizing when a health problem is not responding to alternative therapies and requires medical attention.  In thirty years, we have seen cases that are not best handled alternatively and should be seen by a medical doctor.  Such cases are referred immediately to the proper medical specialist.  

At Healworks, our philosophy and principles are not in conflict with any healing system that will assist you regaining your health and restoring complete function.

We are dedicated to the Health of Our patients and if that means referring them to another physician is their best choice, we are quick to do so. 


A concluding summary:


We offer proven remedies and 30 years of information using Natural, holistic treatments that have no side effects and a documented record of effectiveness.